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Don Pasquale Bar

If glasses could talk…

They would tell about those timeless moments, when one feels like sitting at the bar and looks for lightness and extemporary peace.

In its 133 years, the bar Don Pasquale has “sipped” stories from the movie world, confessions from stars in show-business, the melancholies of love, dreams of freedom, ideas for tales, and inscrutable silences.

The Bar with its architecture and colours represents a unique mixture of the atmospheres of Ravello.

…enjoy an unforgettable sunset from the little terrace... Especially if you have good company.

The natural canvass of the landscape portraits the Coast, in one of the most enchanting spots in Ravello, where, in the evening from the terrace of the bar, one can enjoy an unforgettable sunset...especially if one is in good company.