The Family

Hotel Palumbo, Palazzo Confalone:The beginning of a story 133 years long.

Pasquale Palumbo, Elisabeth Von Wartburg. The hotel is named after Pasquale Palumbo, who, together with his Berne-born wife Elisabeth Von Wartburg, opened the first Hotel Palumbo in Ravello in 1875.

Jessy Palumbo. The daughter of Pasquale and Elisabeth marries Edwin Vuilleumier and together they continue the family tradition of running the hotel.

Pasquale Vuilleumier. A man of Swiss origins that spoke with the tone of a Neapolitan dandy, Pasquale won over his clientele with his congenial ways and unpretentious yet elegant style.

Marco Vuilleumier. "This was his home and the hotel was his life: why not keep my father Pascquale’s dream…my family’s dream…my own dream alive?".