Hotel Palumbo at Ravello

Palazzo Confalone 1875

From the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations precious marble columns from Paestum dating back to 600 BC.
From the east a mix of pointed arches of the eleventh century.
The Amalfi Coast polychrome ceramics with geometric designs and floral motifs dating back to the eighteenth century.
The suggestion of the medieval structure of the base of the eleventh century . merges with additional architectural and decorative elements of the seventeenth century . The refined taste of Vuilleumier is more than evident in the compound of furniture and furnishings of the family of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries .

Family History

Hotel Palumbo is named Pasquale Palumbo in Ravello which opened in 1875, with his wife Elisabeth von Wartburg Bernese Oberland, this hotel.
Jessy Daughter of Pasquale Palumbo and Elisabeth, married Edwin Vuilleumier, and both continue the family tradition in the management of the Hotel Palumbo.
A gentleman of Swiss origin who spoke with the cadence of the gentleman from Naples, Pasquale Vuilleumier conquered the customers with its familiar ways and it’s simple and elegant style.
Marco Vuilleumier “This was his home, and the property of his life: why not continue the dream of my father Pasquale… the dream of my family… my dream”.

Wagner and other distinguished guests at the Palumbo Hotel

In the spring of 1880 Elisabeth invited his friend Richard Wagner and production designer Joukounowhy to spend a few days at home Palumbo It was during his holiday at Palumbo, walking to Villa Rufolo said, ” Joukounowhy, we have! That’s the magic garden of Klingsor!”
Handwritten testimony of hospitality received by the Wagner family Palumbo.
From every part of the world , in different years have come distinguished guests who have left in the ancient books of gold at Hotel Palumbo their prestigious brands.

Actors and directors
Giulietta Masina – Federico Fellini – Valentina Cortese – King Vidor – Flora Robertson – Peter Lorrie – Joseph Cotton – Ursula Andress – Rossano Brazzi – Micheline Prele – Shirley Jones – Tzaza Gabor – Giorgia Mollo – Julia Gray – Vittorio Gassman – Dario Argento – Nanni Moretti – Rupert Everett – Robert Morley – Jennyfer Jones – Silvana Panpanini

Politicians, intellectuals and celebrities
Luigi Federzoni (Presidente del Senato del Regno) – Papen (Vice Cancelliere Reich Tedesco) – Commissione Alleata di Controllo per l’Italia: Generale Clark, Generale Alexander, Pietro Badoglio, Palmiro Togliatti – Pres. Del Consiglio: Emilio Colombo, Giovanni Spadolini, Giulio Andreotti, Giorgio Napolitano – Susanna Agnelli – Modigliani – Renato Dulbecco

Truman Capote – Paul Valery – Maurice Rostand – Henry Forster – Henry de Montherlant – Tenessee Williams – Curzio Malaparte – Trumán Capote – Edvarg Grieg – Corrado Alvaro – Domenico Rea – Bill Styron – Gore Vidal

Paola di Belgio – Harald Principe di Danimarca – Maria Gabriella di Savoia – Teodora Principessa di Danimarca – Ruprecht Principe Ereditario di Baviera – Anna di Francia Duchessa di Aosta – Principessa Nina Galitzine – Umberto di Savoia – Salota di Tonga – Alberto e Paola Reali di Belgio

Bernstein – Richard Wagner – Leopold Stokowisky – Bernstein – Wielelm – Kempf – Hans Schmidt Isserstadt – Yeudi Menhuhim – Johannes Winkler – Laszlo Samoghy – Marjorie Wright – Heinz Wallberg – Heinz Fricke – Sigfried Lorenz – Fritz Stierdy – Boris Christoff – Salvatore Accardo – Zubin Metha

Yoko Ono – Ornella Vanoni – Rod Stewart